hi! my name is elisa and i’m a xicana+mestiza reader / scathing lit student / mangled thing / hopeless romantic in hiding concerned with warmth & revolution. other interests include: critical analysis, personalized spotify playlists, and tarot card color palettes.

tenderiswarmth is a space for both the gentle and the furious. i rate and review based on the worldly parameters set by each individual book i read, so while i do evaluate texts with technical rules in mind, i am never completely beholden to them. you can expect to find reviews that are long-winded, prone to close reading, and critical of the sociopolitical frameworks we all write under here.

i will read virtually anything, though my tastes are skewed towards magic, found family, and lgbt slowburn. some of my all-time favorites include beloved by toni morrison, giovanni’s room by james baldwin, bestiary by k-ming chang, and the murderbot diaries by martha wells.